D  E  L  I  C  A  C  I  E  S
At Sun Caterers, we cater a variety of menu inclusive of vegetarian, non-vegetarian, indian, chinese, western style among others.
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Malaysian Cuisine
● Fried Kway Teow
● Fried Meehoon
● Fried Mee
● Fried Rice
● Roti Jala (w) chicken curry
● Satay (w) peanuts sauce & accompaniment
● Fried Chicken (w) chilly sauce
● Fried Fish
● Fried Crab
● Fried Cuttlefish
● Fried Prawn
● Roti Canai
● Roti Bom
● Murtabak
● Sup Ayam
● Sup Kambing
● Peneng Rojak
● Assam Laksa
● Mee Rebus
● Curry Mee

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Indian Cuisine
  ● Paal Appam
● Puri
● Thosai
● Naan
● Parathas
● Bathura
● Fried Chicken (w) curry leaves
● Tandoori Chicken
● Kalmee Kebab
● Reshmi Kebab (boneless)
● Chicken Tikka (boneless)
● Sheesh Kebab (boneless)
● Boti Kebab (Boneless)
● Vegetable Shashlik
● Paneer Tikka
  ● Barbeque Lamb
● Barbeque Chicken
● Green Salads (w) dips
● Chicken Chop
● Lamb Chop
● Ais Kacang (ABC)
● Teh Tarik
● Lassi (plain/fruit)
● Other Hot Drinks
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